About us

What is Weimar Connect?

Weimar Connect is a test version of a platform that encourages refugees and other inhabitants of Weimar to get to know each other better and find out what they have in common. It’s about becoming active with another person by searching for people with the same interests and planning something together.

How does that work?

You create yourself a profile, in which you give some information about your interests besides some personal facts. Via a search function you can find people with the same interests. You can send this person a private message and arrange a meeting. After your common activity it would be nice if you posted a picture of you that everyone can see.

Or you can join a group that has a hobby in common. On Weimar Connect you can hire new group members, arrange meetings and document them.

Or you start your own activity. On this page you’ll find people who want to join or even can help you with the organisation for sure.

Who is behind Weimar Connect?

Weimar Connect is primarily all of us!

But the one who started it is me, Johanna, student of the subject “Sustainable Product Cultures” at the Bauhaus University Weimar. For my master thesis I focused on the refugee issues and considered how to support integration.

What are the rules?

Treat all users with respect and politeness.

Be yourself and don’t make up an imaginary person that you pretend to be.

Do not post any pictures of people, who might not agree with that or that disregard the personal rights of the people shown on it.

If possible, write your posts in English and German to make them understandable for as many people as possible.

Don’t be a silent observer, play a part in the community!

No Spam! Posts with criminal, radical, anticonstitutional, pornographic, offensive, defamatory or illegal contents and its sender will be deleted immediately.

Any kind of job placement or posts that promise services for money are forbidden and will be deleted.

Commercial posts are forbidden and will be deleted.

What about safety?

We advise everybody not to pass on any personal details like the address or private phone number before the first meeting. Meetings should necessarily take place on a neutral, public ground, if you don’t know the person yet! A suitable place would be the Café International of the Caritas that opens twice a week (Thomas-Müntzer-Straße 18, Tue & Thu 15.00-18.00). Furthermore, you should never answer to an offer that deals with money in any kind. This includes any services for money or money transfers for example!

We ask you to report any violations of personal rights and conspicuous behavior to the administrator so that we can take the necessary steps.